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Candidates waiting to join Wipro offered lower salary than original offer: Reports


According to reports, candidates, who were offered a package of ₹6.5 lakh per annum (PA) by Wipro, have now been asked if they would instead be okay with ₹3.5 lakh PA, 46% less than the original offer.

What happened?

Fresh graduates joining Wipro are given training under two programmes. Under ‘Turbo,’ they get ₹6.5 lakh a year, while under ‘Elite,’ they earn ₹3.5 lakh each year. Candidates, however, can jump from ‘Elite’ to ‘Turbo’; for this, they are trained under the Bengaluru-headquartered firm’s ‘Velocity’ programme.

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Now, as per Moneycontrol, which cited an email sent by the company to those waiting to be onboarded, the IT giant gave them the option to choose the lower-paying role. The email, said Moneycontrol, was sent on Feb 16, and recipients were told to respond by Feb 20.

Those accepting the offer will join the organisation in March, and the previous offer will stand void, the email read.

What happens if a candidate rejects the offer?

The person can continue to hold on to the original offer. However, in such a case, the multinational firm would not be able to commit to a joining date, said the email.

Who are awaiting onboarding and why?

The 2022 batch of graduates have been waiting for several months to join Wipro. The information technology major says it has been forced to delay their onboarding due to the ‘changing macro environment.’

“In light of the changing macro environment and, as a result, our business needs, we had to adjust our onboarding plans. As we work to honor all outstanding offers made, this current and immediate opportunity will help candidates start their careers, build expertise, and acquire new skills,” said a Wipro spokesperson.

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