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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, RBI governor discuss financial inclusion…


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Tuesday met Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das at the central bank’s regional office in Mumbai.“Had an excellent meeting with @BillGates on financial inclusion, payment systems, microfinance and digital lending, etc”, Das tweeted after the meeting.

The meeting between Gates and the RBI governor comes days after the Microsoft co-founder heaped praises on India, highlighting its achievements including polio eradication, lowering HIV transmission, reduction of poverty and infant mortality.

In his blog, Gates had written,”India has developed a world-leading approach to innovation that ensures solutions reach those who need them. When the rotavirus vaccine—which prevents the virus that causes many fatal cases of diarrhea—was too expensive to reach every child, India decided to make the vaccine themselves”.“They worked with experts and funders (including the Gates Foundation) to build factories and create large-scale delivery channels to distribute the vaccines. By 2021, 83 percent of 1-year-olds had been inoculated against rotavirus—and these low-cost vaccines are now being used in other countries around the world”, he added.

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