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Laid off by Meta, HR staffer lands new job in 3 months. She explains how


An HR professional who is among 11,000 employees laid off by Meta in November last year, has announced she has already found a new job. Lorena Diaz Alvarez, who says she joined the tech giant just nine months prior to being laid off, revealed in a LinkedIn post she will join her new workplace on March 15, a day after her stint at Meta officially concludes.

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Based in the Greater Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Alvarez is currently enjoying a ‘garden leave’ from the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed organisation.

“These three months were a roller coaster and a good reminder of what it’s like to be on the other side of the conversation. A recruiter usually speaks with many candidates x weeks and we tend to forget the amount of time that a candidate spends to prepare for that conversation, the anxiety, the uncertainty, and the self-doubt behind a job seeker,” she wrote in her LinkedIn post.

“So if you are a hiring manager or a recruiter please remember to be mindful, value everyone’s time, and provide feedback (always please!!),” she added.

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So, how was she able to find a new job in just three months since Meta layoff?

According to Alvarez, what helped her during her job hunting was:

*Taking some time to do what she likes, travelling, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

*Thinking about what she wants to do next, and framing her target to specific companies and job titles.

*Improving her CV/LinkedIn profile, as a first sales strategy and to open the door to a conversation.

*Preparing for a ‘killer’ interview.

*Not taking rejections too personally, as rejections are a part of the (job-finding) process.

*Finally, networking. As per Alvarez, this is because there are many roles that are not advertised on LinkedIn.

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